ARISE, is an AR 3D perspective puzzle game made with Unity + ARKit plugin. For this project I was lead artist for the creation of the single level puzzle game demo, which was showcased by Apple for ARkit.

This project was a 2 month project from concept to project end. The project was quite a unique one, it emerged from a game jam that we had in the studio due to the studio having no official projects running at the time. (Original game idea from Didier Pujol, Original game jam team: Didier Pujol - code, Logan Currin - art, and myself - art). We decided to proceed with developing the game jam prototype even further as it started to gain popularity, and the team was expanded to include more members from the small Auckland based studio.

My responsibilities for this project included, tasking the art team, finding lighting solutions, art optimizations and technical art, participating in level design and layout, and helping to steer the visual direction of the game as well as making some assets. At the time of release the demo had 2 additional levels in development but they were unable to be completed due to the studio closing.

Media coverage of the game can be found in the article links below.*